Escort Service Mumbai

the first factor we use to rate the girl is by her looks and how talented is the girl in pleasing her customer as like every escort service Mumbai the quality of service is the most important no matter what price you are selecting we believe you should receive the best in class service and experience you wanted we believe in taking customer feedback and providing the best escort service ever time.

Escort Service Mumbai

Hygiene and health
the second factor we focus on is Hygiene and health we advise all our call girls & escorts to take precautions and maintain class with at most importance without any compromise in std related points we often take a surprise test and ask them to get tested every month or two with our reliable doctors which give the tips on prevention from std and pregnancy with personal Hygiene like clean and shave genitals and armpits and good mouth and body maintenance with looking good from outside to maintaining health and proper diet to get glowing face and attractive body.

client management and price
the third factor we account for rating a girl is client management and price, as we have seen some girls become popular in between some clients and a lot of them, prefer them and often they are unreliable but we make sure that all the clients in her service should get the equal treatment and no client should be left alone the Mumbai escorts girls must know how to manage her clients and do pressing according to we all charged the price that we have settled for and not a dime more.

some other important factors in this business we take full care of our security and privacy of our clients and as well as of call girls as most of them are belonging from good families and doing morning jobs in the day due to some problem they are pushed In this escorts business so we ask them not to share information about their clients with anyone not to take pictures when private and charging extra to clients.

As Mumbai escorts service was in this business and had noticed from her experience that the men hate waiting for the desire as she knows that time I very important for all our clients and we respect all our clients and value all their time and demand we always make sure that we never make a false commitment and deliver when we have promised without any delay and taking no more time we all wear to make sure that all our girls are telling the truth and never lied about any commitment and make our customer waiting as it affects our reputation and we full fill all our clients demand and to us and our client’s Punctuality is a very important factor and us advice all our call girls and independent escort to be on time and never cancel the meeting from there side if this situation occurs we will immutably provide new service or refund without any delay Mumbai escort service is the most reliable and quality independent escort service provider in Mumbai with 15 years of experience.

And we are the most reliable with a small team that manages all clients and girls and privacy and quality are the two most important factors for us we entered the market in around 2000 when the city of Mumbai was changing and working in Bollywood was spreading in all-girls this was the time she entered the market due to lack of work and show that many girls were doing the same so she gradually created a network of reliable girls and dealers with a close group of clients and like any other business there was a competition and many people came and brought beautiful girls with them but all pressed with time as they were too careless and never and stood how important privacy is in this business and its almost 15 years in business and still Mumbai escorts service is leading the female escort, the market of Mumbai without any complaints and she passes all her experience to all her girls as she knows that they are once the client is coming for takes privacy and quality seriously and never let down our clients.

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